5 gute Gründe warum der KatzenRobo mehr als eine Katzentoilette ist

5 good reasons why the CatRobo is more than just a cat toilet

A self-cleaning litter box has many advantages. Thanks to the automatic cleaning cycle, used litter is filtered into a separate collection container and an always clean litter bed is ready for your cat. And the best part? You can sit back and relax after work and never have to worry about scooping cat litter again. The CatRobo also helps to reduce odors, keep paws clean and use less litter than a conventional litter box. Are you curious? We give you 5 reasons why the CatRobo is more than just a cat toilet!

Simple household support

The CatRobo takes over an annoying household task for you: cleaning the cat toilet! As soon as your cat has done its business in the CatRobo, it automatically filters the dirty litter in the drum. Through a rotating movement, moist litter and feces are conveyed into a separate waste container. You need to replace the poop bag in the collection container every few days (as needed). Enjoy your evening thanks to the CatRobo.

Cat litter box and retreat

The CatRobo is not just a cat toilet - the spacious drum offers plenty of space and was often used by our four-legged “testers” as a comfortable place to retreat. The round entry and the interior of the CatRobo offer enough space for smaller and larger cat breeds to easily get into the CatRobo and simply turn around.

Modern eye-catcher

The CatRobo not only impresses with the latest technology but also with its modern and classic design. Thanks to its simple and bright colors, it blends discreetly into the surroundings and fits into every home. Unlike conventional cat toilets, the CatRobo is not immediately recognizable as a cat toilet and offers little insight into its interior. Prompt, automated cleaning minimizes unpleasant odors.

One litter box for multiple cats

A self-cleaning litter box is particularly suitable if there is more than one cat in the household. By automatically cleaning the litter box after each cat's business, every animal always has a fresh litter bed available. Since cats are particularly clean animals, it is particularly important for them to always have a clean litter box available.

More quality of life for you and your cat

Thanks to its modern technology, the CatRobo promises an always clean litter box for your cat. The CatRobo's automated cleaning process ensures that the litter is filtered after each use by the cat and that the cat always has fresh litter free of feces and urine. The filtering process means less litter is used and the litter box no longer needs to be cleaned by hand. This means you and your cat can spend more time cuddling and cuddling!

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