Der beste Standort für Ihren KatzenRobo

The best location for your CatRobo

A litter box is essential for your cat, but the aesthetics often leave something to be desired. Even if you're a big cat lover, you might not want your litter box to be right in your home for everyone to see. Luckily, there are many solutions to hide these pet accessories. With a hidden litter box you can avoid clutter in the house and give your cats a private place to do their business. There are different ways to hide the litter box, e.g. in furniture, under the stairs or in a separate room.

Easy Ways to Hide the Litter Box

Although a litter box serves a functional purpose, it can take up a lot of space, especially in small rooms. But that's nothing to worry about. There are clever solutions with which you can make your home visually appealing and still offer your cat the space it needs for its private business.

Installing a cat door into a piece of furniture

Hiding the litter box in a piece of furniture is a good start. To do this, you can convert a piece of furniture of your choice. For example, cupboards or chests of drawers in which you can hide the litter box are suitable. A hole on the side of the furniture makes it easier for your cats to use the CatRobo comfortably without the door having to be open. A clear advantage is that you don't have to buy a new piece of furniture, but can convert a kitchen or storage cupboard with little effort.

Easy to hide under a desk

Do you have a desk or small side table that isn't used often? You can quickly and easily convert this into a hiding place for the cat toilet. If you store the CatRobo under the desk, it is easily integrated into your furnishings and is not an unsightly eye-catcher. In addition, the table offers your cat some privacy while doing business.

Cat litter box in the bathroom or laundry room

The bathroom is most often chosen for the location of a litter box. If you have a guest bathroom or enough space in your bathroom, you can easily place the CatRobo there. Just make sure that the bathroom you choose offers your cat 24-hour access to the CatRobo. Your laundry room is also an ideal place to hide the litter box. The laundry room is usually a quiet place where your cat can retreat to do his business in peace. In addition, this room is used less often, so the litter box is hardly visible to guests. As mentioned with the bathroom, you should leave the laundry room door open or install a cat door so that your cat has access to the CatRobo.

Modern design of the cat robot

The CatRobo impresses not only with its functionality, but also with its fashionable design. Thanks to its simple colors and shapes, the CatRobo can also be placed anywhere in the apartment or house without having to be hidden behind a cupboard or table. Thanks to its closed shape, it offers the cats a quiet retreat for their business. The total area of ​​the CatRobo is 0.36 square meters and can be easily placed in any corner of the house. Every cat has enough space, as the CatRobo has an internal volume of 86l. With our return guarantee, you and your cat have 30 days to convince yourself of the advantages of the CatRobo and find the perfect location for the new cat toilet in your home.

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