Wie Sie Ihre junge Katze an den KatzenRobo gewöhnen

How to get your young cat used to the CatRobo

If you are a first-time owner of a young cat or tomcat, you may be wondering how to get them used to a litter box.

You may find it reassuring to know that litter box training is usually a fairly simple affair. Many kittens arriving in their new homes have already learned how to use a litter box from their mothers, and even for those who haven't, a strong instinct to bury their own poop helps. However, if you want to be on the safe side, we will give you some tips to make getting used to a self-cleaning litter box easier.

4 simple tips on how to get your young cat used to a new litter box

Discover and test the new cat robot

Show your kitten the CatRobo by sniffing it and letting them explore the new litter box independently. Be careful not to move the CatRobo to a new location afterwards to avoid confusion.

Place your kitten in the CatRobo immediately after meals and after waking up from a nap. If you notice that your kitten needs to relieve itself, e.g. E.g. if he sniffs a certain spot for a long time or huddles, pick him up and put him in the litter box.

Reward for using the CatRobo

Reward your kitten when you notice that he is using the CatRobo. Praise it with your voice or petting it, or give it a treat as a reward. It is important that you do not punish your cat or scold him if something goes wrong. This only leads to stress and anxiety, which can worsen the problem and make training more difficult. Cats don't associate punishment with the incident in question, so scolding you won't help.

Automated cleaning and care

Due to the CatRobo's automated cleaning process, the cat litter is cleaned independently after each use by your kitten. Not only will this help eliminate the dreaded "cat smell" from your home, but it will also make using the litter box a more pleasant experience for your young cat. Dirty litter is filtered directly into a separate waste container through the rotating cleaning process. In addition, you should change the litter regularly and care for and disinfect the CatRobo. A clean litter box encourages cats to continue using it and not to look for other places, such as a carpet for their business.

Training by older cats

As a rule, older cats are already experienced in using a cat toilet, so getting used to or switching to the cat robot happens on their own. When a young cat moves into your home, training her to use a litter box can be a challenge. However, if you already have an older cat living in your household, this often serves as a role model for the young cat and the behavior of the older cat is imitated. This also applies to kittens that have previously lived with other cats or their mother. As a rule, the young animals already know how to use a litter box and this experience is transferred to the new household.

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