Den KatzenRobo sorgenfrei testen!

Test the CatRobo worry-free for 30 days!

Are you unsure whether a fully automated litter box is right for you and your cat? CatRobo offers you a 30-day test period in which you and your cat can try out the CatRobo at your leisure and return it if you don't like it.

What advantages does the CatRobo have?

The CatRobo is the first self-cleaning cat toilet in Germany! It detects when your cat leaves the CatRobo after doing its business and automatically cleans the drum using a rotating filter. Feces and urine clumps are filtered by the rotating movement and pushed into a separate garbage bag in the collection container. This can be easily removed and disposed of - no more annoying shoveling! The automated cleaning process of the CatRobo and the separate collection container effectively control odors and your cat(s) always have a fresh litter box available.

Test the litter box for 30 days

So that your cat has enough time to get used to the new automated cat robot, we offer you a 30-day test period! From the moment you receive the CatRobo, you can test it for a month - enough time for your cat to get used to its new, self-cleaning litter box in peace and without pressure and for you to test and try out all the advantages of the automated litter box.

Are you curious? Try it and say goodbye to bad smells and daily litter box cleaning.

  • Free Shipping
  • Refund warranty
  • no additional products necessary
  • Suitable for every cat size
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