About Us

Der Original KatzenRobo®

The first idea behind the CatRobo came about in 2017. After a long day at work, one of our founders, Julian, had to clean the litter box for his two cats, Leo and Bruno. As he shoveled, he thought, "How can I make cleaning easier for me and better for the cats?"
After several sketches and prototypes, the first prototype of the self-cleaning cat toilet was created in 2019 - the CatRobo. The groundbreaking idea for the fully automated litter box was a rotating sifting process that filters clumps into a waste drawer, leaving a clean bed of litter every time.

sustainable production

A few years and dozens of improvements later, the CatRobo is one of the most popular products in pet products and technology. By developing a self-cleaning litter box, we are on a mission to change the future of our pets and create beautiful, functional products that infinitely improve life with your pet. We pay particular attention to sustainable production and the high quality of all materials used.

Latest technology

Thanks to the years of development of the fully automated litter box, we can proudly say that the Original CatRobo is a highly developed product that is considered particularly safe for both cats and their owners. The developed sensor technology detects the cat when it enters and ensures absolute safety. At the same time, the toilet is particularly energy-saving and makes the CatRobo unique.