5 Tipps wie Sie Ihre Katze an den KatzenRobo gewöhnen

5 tips on how to get your cat used to the CatRobo

Cats love their routine. They are creatures of habit who rarely enjoy new things. This can make it difficult if you need to transition your cat to a new litter box. But just because your cat doesn't like change doesn't mean a change is impossible.

1. Location is crucial!

The location of the new litter box is crucial! The right location can make the transition to a new litter box easier. Moving the litter box to a new location can confuse your cat, especially if it is not the litter box they are used to. Place the CatRobo exactly where the old cat litter box stood. This will help your cat understand that the new cat robot has the same function as the old litter box. However, if you want to change the location of the litter box, leave the old litter box in place during the transition. Try to make the new litter box more attractive by cleaning it more often. Your cat will quickly recognize the advantages of the new cat robot and will no longer use the old litter box.

2. Don't throw away the old litter box

It's tempting, but don't throw away the old litter box as soon as the new CatRobo arrives. Instead, put the new CatRobo in the designated place and stop cleaning the old litter box. This makes the usual litter box less attractive, because cats hate dirty litter boxes. Your cat will decide on the new litter box on its own within a very short time.

3. Lure your cat with scents

Cats have an excellent sense of smell. They enjoy familiar smells and are attracted to them. To make the transition to the new litter box easier for your cat, pour a little of the used litter into the CatRobo. Your cat will recognize the smell and adjust to the new litter box more quickly. We recommend our specially developed odor spray for the CatRobo!

4. Positive association with treats and praise

The aim is for your cat to develop a positive association with the CatRobo. To achieve this, you can use anything your cat enjoys, be it a treat, their favorite toy, or catnip. Place her toys around the new litter box. Scatter treats near the litter box. You should also reward your cat positively when it approaches and explores the litter box. Give her a treat so she knows she's doing the right thing. This way, she associates using the litter box with receiving treats or playing with her favorite toy and will quickly be ready to use it. Positive feedback works just as well as treats when you reward your cat for good behavior. When you praise and support your cat, it knows that you approve of its behavior. Additionally, you should never force your cat to use the CatRobo or scold him if he doesn't. Negative reinforcement doesn't work; it will only make your cat afraid of the new litter box and of you. Give your cat the time and support it needs to get used to the new CatRobo.

5. Give your cat time!

Like us humans, cats sometimes need a few days or weeks to get used to something new. Give your cat enough time to engage with the CatRobo.

Changing the litter box can be a bit of a challenge. However, if you follow the tips above and encourage your cat with treats, scents, and praise, you can make the transition easier for your cat.

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