Wie kann ich meine Katze trainieren?

How can I train my cat?

Many people think that there is no way they can train their cat. The truth is that cats can be trained much like dogs, and it's easy to get started. Whether you want to correct problematic behavior, teach your cat obedience exercises, or teach him fun tricks, cat training is an enriching, rewarding, and fun activity that you and your cat can enjoy together.

Keep training sessions short

It can be difficult to hold a cat's attention when they are new to training. Shorter training sessions keep your cat focused and prevent him from losing interest or becoming frustrated. When your cat begins training, we recommend starting with 3-5 minutes once or twice a day. Short but frequent and consistent training sessions are much more effective than longer ones. For example, two to three 5-minute workouts per day are usually better than one 15-minute workout. As your cat progresses, you can extend the duration of the training sessions. If possible, try to end the training session on a positive note before your cat loses interest.

Reward immediately and consistently

Working with a clicker can be helpful. Using a clicker takes a snapshot of the correct behavior and shows your cat what behavior it was rewarded for. In order for clicker training to work properly, it is important that you click at the exact moment your cat performs the desired behavior. Since the click promises a reward, you must always give your cat a treat after the click. Behavior that is rewarded is repeated. So once your cat knows what behavior he gets a treat for, he will perform that behavior over and over again, making it easy to add a signal later.

Litter box training: This is how you can teach your cat the right behavior

One of the most dreaded undertakings by new cat owners is teaching their cat to use the litter box. But with a few simple steps, your cat will learn to use the litter box very quickly.

The first step is to find a litter box that your cat likes. The KatzenRobo, which was developed specifically for cats, is the first self-cleaning litter box in Germany. Its good fit and size is suitable for both small and larger cats, as well as young and old cats. Thanks to the self-cleaning function, the cat litter is always fresh and free of feces and urine. A clean litter box has a big impact on whether your cat uses their litter box.

The next step is to find a suitable location for the litter box. It should be in a quiet area of ​​the house where the cat will not be disturbed.

Place a few tasty treats in the Cat Robo and praise your cat with small treats (and/or the clicker) when he sniffs the litter box, maybe even climbs in. If she uses the litter box, reward her with praise and recognition to encourage her to repeat the behavior.

It's a process that requires a little patience and calm, but if you reward your cat regularly, she'll eventually start using the KatzenRobo on her own within a few days.

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