Ein KatzenRobo. Mehrere Katzen?

A cat robot. Multiple cats?

Cleaning the litter box is undoubtedly the unpleasant side of keeping cats. Whether your cats stay indoors all the time or just overnight, they need a litter box that needs to be cleaned regularly. If you already have a cat as a pet and are thinking about taking in a second cat, the question to ask yourself before purchasing is whether a second litter box makes sense and whether several cats can share one litter box.

Can multiple cats use one litter box?

We know that cats can be picky when it comes to where they go to the bathroom. If a cat is forced to share its litter box with other cats, it may start to use places other than the toilet. The reason for this is that cats are very clean animals and prefer a clean and fresh litter box. If a litter box is used by more than one cat and is not cleaned regularly, the cats may choose another place to do their business.

The CatRobo - Suitable for more than one cat

Since the CatRobo filters and cleans the cat litter after each use by the cats, every cat always has a fresh and clean litter box available. The rotating movement of the drum filters wet litter and feces in the cat litter after each use and transports them into a separate cleaning container. The prompt cleaning takes place as soon as the cat leaves the CatRobo after its business. Using a weight sensor, the CatRobo can detect when the cat enters and leaves and starts the cleaning process after each cat. The separate waste container in which the old litter is collected limits unpleasant odors for animals and people. Regular and independent cleaning of the self-cleaning cat litter box not only saves you a lot of work, but also eliminates the need to purchase multiple litter boxes.

Can cats share a litter box?

The answer is: yes! Thanks to the self-cleaning cat robot, your cats can share a litter box. Are you curious? See for yourself the benefits of the CatRobo and test it with your cats for 30 days!
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